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Online publicity of cleaner production audit


  In order to improve the company's production and operation, improve the company's economic efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions, since February 2021, our company has carried out cleaner production audit in advance before receiving the Notice of Shandong Provincial Department of Ecological Environment on Issuing the List of Enterprises to Implement Mandatory Cleaner Production Audit in Shandong Province in 2021 (LHZ [2021] No. 75). In accordance with the requirements of the Cleaner Production Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China and the Cleaner Production Audit Measures, the basic information of the company's enterprises and the situation of pollution production and discharge are now publicized to the public.

Pollution production and discharge

1. Waste water: no production waste water is produced, and domestic sewage is discharged to the second sewage treatment plant  for treatment through urban pipe network.

2. Waste gas: The discharged waste gas mainly includes particulate matter, non-methane total hydrocarbon, odor and other pollutants, which can be discharged after being treated by the company's environmental protection treatment facilities.

Pollutant name

Emission concentration (mg/m3)

Discharge (t/a)

particulate matter

eight point five

one point eight eight

Non-methane total hydrocarbon

five point nine three

three point zero seven six three four

Odor concentration

732 (dimensionless)

Noise: the noise at the factory boundary meets the standard of Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises Noise at the Boundary.

We welcome all walks of life to supervise and guide our cleaner production audit.





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